about Photographer Umesh Bhatt

about Photographer

about Photographer Umesh Bhatt

Umesh the creative genius behind the Camera and design and is an acknowledged Photoshop expert as well as a keen photographer

I am often asked why do I love wedding photography?

Simple, a wedding is a personal, romantic love story between 2 people.  Being that I am a romantic and emotional man.I love that I can showcase the love story of the couple on this magical day through photography.

I love wedding photography since the essence of it is based on the depth of emotions, spontaneity, romance and authentic moments. There are also so many side stories to weddings that are unbelievably important like the reactions of parents and grandparents, the speeches, the first dances, the reaction of the groom seeing is future wife walking down the aisle and more. Having photographed the last time bride or groom have seen grandparents or other loved ones, I realized that wedding photography is far from being meaningless. We keep photography of the most important people on our desk to remind us why we work, we relive memories, moments and emotions.

For me it’s an honour to be trusted with the great responsibility to photograph a wedding for a client. I stay engaged with people every time I work and occasionally continue some of those relationships beyond the job itself.

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